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Why we all need a great facial now

Why we all need a great facial now

The last couple of years, our skin has taken a severe beating, thanks to Covid-19 followed by the anxiety of going back to the office. It’s time you show it some love and get a great facial, today. Trust me, it’s a life changer


Picture pexels.com, by Andrea Piacquadio

Like many of you’ll, I too resorted to homemade packs, face masks and short-lived, lazy facial massages at home during the Covid-19 led lockdown and even a long time after that. Then in the interim, when a friend told me that I look really tired, I didn’t really feel it though, I called for an at-home facial massage service.

The result was not satisfactory, even though I had chosen the most expensive facial on the list. I had, almost, started hating the way my skin felt.

Then on one fine summer afternoon, on a kind invite from a salon, I decided to shake off the lethargy and drive to the Looks Salon, in Seawoods, Navi Mumbai.

One glimpse of the sophisticated and very clean glass and wooden structure assured me that I was in a good place.

Founded in 1989 by Sanjay Dutta, Looks salon is a 33-year-old hair, beauty and spa chain. From starting as the owner of a small hair-cutting barber shop to now running 162 salons pan India, Dutta and his team of 6,000 employees sure know what they are doing.

After studying my skin, the beauty therapist recommended a de-tanning and a hydrating facial. The almost 2-hour-long ritual started with a cleanse, steam, face pack, a regular massage and a massage with an electric beauty device to ensure that the beauty products are absorbed well by the skin. The therapist educated me about the products, their effects and the next steps throughout the session, without once complaining about my excessive whiteheads or blackheads or anything else that most beauty therapists do.

I never go back to these places again because I go to the salon to feel good, to find a solution for my skin, hair or any other issue and not feel bad about myself.

But that was not the case at Looks Salon. I was made to feel very special with their considerate and attentive service and great products. This was hands down one of my best massage experiences. My skin felt soft and supple, the darkness around my lips and nose had gone, I had no irritating red spots on my face, which I tend to get post  facials. The effect of the massage lasted for almost a month and I felt like seeing myself in the mirror again. Overall, I felt just great.

I am now enthused to try their hair, nail, makeup, hairstyle and other services as well.

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