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Teaching foreigners oil champi and using plastic waste for packaging, Priyanka Chopra proves to be an astute entrepreneur

Priyanaka Chopra Haircare brand

Teaching foreigners oil champi and using plastic waste for packaging, Priyanka Chopra proves to be an astute entrepreneur

The global actress launches her brand Anomaly Haircare on Nykaa Beauty

Priyanka Chopra haircare brand


After three years, Priyanka Chopra came to India this month and brought with her, her two-year-old brand Anomaly Haircare, which launched with Nykaa Beauty. At an intimate media event, she spoke about entering the saturated beauty sector in India, how she is trying to get foreigners to include oil champi in their haircare routine and being one of the top brands on Nykaa India’s online marketplace.

Anomaly was launched in the United States two years ago during the pandemic, a challenging time for any business to take off, but Priyanka’s did and with a good amount of success. “One product was selling every seven seconds. I was surprised too, but it has been good,” she said. In her range of mild and dry shampoos, conditioners and oil, you won’t find any harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates and sulphates. The products, instead have nurturing ingredients such as eucalyptus, jojoba oil and avocado. “These are the ingredients that make your hair strong, which is exactly what Indians have been taught our whole lives with oiling and scalp care,” the actress says. “The foundation of Anomaly starts from here — strong hair.”

Priyanka Chopra haircare brand

Anomaly’s hair oil is one of the highlights of her line. It smells divine (we vouch for it) isn’t greasy and can also be used for styling hair. It’s also her tool to sell the Indian philosophy of strong, thick hair to foreigners with the one thing that they don’t do – oil their hair. Impressive marketing strategy, isn’t it?

She also spoke about how her venture into the haircare market began. “Having sat in the chairs of incredible hair and makeup experts from around the world for the last 22 years, I realised that I am in a way, the best litmus test to know what a good product should be,” she said. “I started thinking about foraying into beauty (sector). The options were hair, makeup, skincare and more. But then I started finding the white space, I mean, it’s important for anyone starting a business. For me, it was in the haircare space, which Anomaly has been able to cater to at an affordable price due to its packaging using plastic trash. Each bottle cost no less than 30 cents. A bulk of the money, she said, was invested in the formulation of the products.

“The aim of Anomaly is to help you create your perfect hair day,” said Priyanka. She also pointed out that Anomaly products are not targeted to any gender, instead it’s for  everyone. She said we have been following this idea that men’s hair is different from women’s but hair doesn’t discriminate. It’s the same for everyone.

Priyanka’s Anomaly is a sustainable and environmentally conscious brand that has shampoos, dry shampoos, conditioners and serums. Towards the end of the event, she even gave us some life lessons. “I am apprehensive before every new project and movie. It’s normal. I’m terrified when my movie is released. I am sitting and eating ice cream in my room. Of course, you are scared. But I don’t hide behind my fear. I take my fear, make it my companion and walk with it. That’s the only way to deal with fear, I think.”

By Nisha Shroff

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