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Say goodbye to sugary beverages, swap your sodas with these healthy, yummy drinks

Healthy, yummy drinks

Say goodbye to sugary beverages, swap your sodas with these healthy, yummy drinks

Oh to have a chilled glass of cola on a hot summer afternoon! Nothing does a better job of refreshing us. That is exactly what we needed amidst the stressful pandemic languishing, the world collectively endured. But constant tiredness is not all we faced. Along with it came a myriad of lifestyle diseases caused by disturbed daily routines. One of the biggest causes of these diseases were unhealthy food habits and increased sugar consumption. As the lockdown extended, we sat on our couches, drinking coca colas and dalgona coffees. It is now time to swap these unhealthy beverages with healthy, yummy drinks.
And we are still struggling to lose those calories and unhealthy habits. More often than not, the most harmful sugar intake happens through liquids, which mostly goes unnoticed. So, If you are someone who loves to sip on a soda or a hot beverage throughout the day, it’s time to junk the sugar and try these healthier beverage alternatives instead:
Atmosphere Kombucha Brewery
Kombucha is a fermented green or black tea beverage made from yeast culture. It is slightly carbonated and has a natural sweet and sour taste. It makes for a great alternative to sodas.
Atmosphere Kombucha Brewery offers a great variety of kombucha flavors, including Raspberry Lemonade, Elderflower, Spicy Ginger, and Kokum.
Atmosphere Kombucha is a homegrown, organic brand that brought the Himalayas to Delhi. Founders Rebekah and Ariella focus primarily on gut health and overall wellness and host regular workshops on healthy foods and eating habits. You can also check out their new vegan cheesecakes made from nut butters and probiotics.
healthy yummy drinks

Image Courtesy – Atmosphere Kombucha Brewery Instagram

Beyond Water
Plain water too boring and sodas too unhealthy? Beyond Water has got your back. These water mixes come in many different flavors like watermelon mint, lemon iced tea and mango peach, and aim to infuse your water with tons of vitamins and electrolytes while giving you a guilt-free, sweet drink that has naturally sourced ingredients. Mix in one squeeze with coconut water or sparkling water for an enhanced experience.
Pro tip: Soak some chia seeds overnight and add a couple of teaspoons to your beyond water mix and voila! a healthier drink is ready.


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Oliveto India
We have heard about green leaf teas and their benefits but Oliveto India brings us something better for our health – premium teas sourced from olive leaves with Ayurvedic benefits. It is cardio-protective, neuroprotective, anti-carcinogenic, and facilitates better gut health. Olives are also known to be beneficial to keep sugar levels in check and boost immunity – something all of us need at this moment. Its advantages are endless! So swap your daily milk chai with a healthy hot beverage.
Pro tip: Instead of having regular cookies with your tea, have almonds, raisins and walnuts that will keep you energized and full for long.
healthy yummy drinks

Image Courtesy – Oliveto India Instagram

Lemon-infused coconut water
This classic beverage recipe by Indian celebrity chef and restauranteur Kunal Kapur is a summer cooler and gives a healthy punch to your regular lemonade.
healthy yummy drinks

Image Courtesy – Pexels

You need: 
1. One fresh coconut
2. Mint leaves
3. 1 tbsp honey
4. 1 lemon
1. Empty the fresh coconut water into a bowl
2. Scrape off the inside, using a spoon
3. Chop the extracted coconut meat finely and add it to the coconut water
4. Add the rest of the ingredients
5. Mix well and serve chilled
Refreshing sparkling coolers
If you are looking for a great alternative to sodas and want that carbonated feeling, try making a fresh sparkling cooler. It is unimaginably easy to make, very healthy with no artificial flavours or sugars and will make a great shot for your Instagram feed.

Image Courtesy – Unsplash

You need: 
1. Sparkling water
2. Your choice of fruit and berries (dried or fresh)
3. Lime juice
Just mix it all together in any combination and you have a fresh summer cooler! Serve chilled with ice.
Pro Tip: If you are serving this beverage at a party, freeze your choice of juice mix into ice cubes or freeze dried berries in ice cubes for a beautiful presentation.
By Tanushi Bhatnagar 
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