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Pet-friendly SeeSaw Cafe at Jio World Drive is a great place to enjoy a filling brunch with your dog

Khal Dogo at See Saw

Pet-friendly SeeSaw Cafe at Jio World Drive is a great place to enjoy a filling brunch with your dog

I was brimming with excitement. Gave my furry baby, Khal Dogo, a 5-month old mastiff dog, a long bath, cleaned his ears and made him wear his fancy collar for his first-ever visit to a mall and a cafe. The destination was SeeSaw, one of the few pet-friendly cafes in Mumbai, at the Jio World Drive mall in BKC. A part of the mall, its courtyard, is pet-friendly too. You can even take your pets for a stroll through the farmer’s market and it has a pet grooming service as well. I wish the entire precinct was pet-friendly. Well, that is a discussion for another day.

Pet-friendly SeeSaw Cafe

Interiors of the SeeSaw Cafe in Jio World Drive

For now, back to SeeSaw, a 1,400-sq-ft, all-day cafe, that features a global menu. They have pizza, burgers, salads, pulao and even Bombay-style Sandwich. It is managed by Aditi Dugar, one of the brains behind Mumbai acclaimed restaurant Masque and ARAKU Café in Bengaluru. We were seated in the cafe’s outdoor area as pets aren’t allowed in the indoor, air-conditioned space. No complaints here though. The outdoors space is done up like a mini garden with lots of plants and fuss-free furniture, shaded with cloth umbrellas. Though, it can get a little uncomfortable in the afternoons.

Pet-friendly SeeSaw cafe

Beetroot, Almond Cheese, Vegan Pizza

After we settled in, me and my husband on chairs and Khal on a tight by our feet, came in the menus and water for us and my pooch. And while he half-gulped-half-splashed his water in excitement, we got busy fussing over the special pet’s menu. Pooch quenchers – apple, cucumber and carrot slush puppy. The main course section has K-9,  chopped chicken with steamed carrots and parsley. Pup Protein has ground chicken with peas and string beans, Scooby’s stew is a brown rice dish with sweet potato mixed seasonal vegetables, bone broth, and Scrappy’s chicken has lean chicken oats pumpkin kale.

Buratta Avocado Sourdough Toast

And there are desserts too. Oatmeal with berries and cottage cheese with pineapple, banana and organic honey. It’s a pretty elaborate menu and not a name-sake one, which some other cafes have and that made me happy. But as Khal Dogo is on a vet-recommended diet, we requested breastless chicken, egg-whites and some veggies in precise quantities, which the restaurant happily served him. See him go at his food, the entire bowl completely wiped out, no trace of food whatsoever, I knew he loved every bit of it.

With his belly full and ‘sleep’ mode on, it was time for us to focus on our meal. We started with the Beetroot almond cheese pizza. Different but interesting. It’s soft and wholesome, apt for a quick meal. Next up was the Burrata avacado sourdough toast. Like my husband says, “you can never go wrong with avacado.” You can’t.

Both the dishes were filling enough for us to straight jump to desserts, for which we chose a conventional chocolate dish, which was every bit delicious.

The cafe also has a collection of great mocktails and wines, which we skipped as we still had some shopping to do.

See Saw is a great place to go for breakfast and brunch with your pooch and can even be a great pit stop while shopping. The best thing about its food is that it’s non-greasy and easy on the stomach, leaving you energised to grab a few more bags.

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Open every day from 11 am to 10 pm.
Cost for two ₹3,000-plus with alcohol

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