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We can’t get enough of Nornament’s new 3D jewellery that has finely crafted miniature birds

Nornament's 3D jewellery

We can’t get enough of Nornament’s new 3D jewellery that has finely crafted miniature birds

My favourite bit about a forest holiday is to bird watch. It’s mesmerising to see watch them fly from one tree to another, flap their feathers to dry themselves and sing those melodious songs. Mumbai-headquartered jeweller Nornament’s splendid, new collection, The Calm Call of Birdsong, which has miniature, 3D birds, set in gold and diamond, took me back to the tranquillity of the woods. Isn’t this Nornament’s 3D bird jewellery gorgeous?
3D jewellery

Gold & Diamond Pendant

The stylish earrings, rings, handcuffs and pendants, crafted with techniques that use measured application of German lacquer on miniature birds, coated with French enamel, are the most beautiful and unique pieces of 3D jewellery you might have ever seen in India.
3d precious bird jewellery

Lilly Nightingle Gold and Diamond earring by Nornament

Nornament’s Creative Head, Pradhyuman Maloo – yes – the same culinary adventurer of Netflix’s very popular show Indian Matchmaking, talks about his inspiration behind Nornament’s 3D bird jewellery, current jewellery trends and evolving consumer behaviour in the Indian jewellery market.
We, at Ivorystation.com, loved your collection Calm Call of Birdsong. What inspired it?
It’s a profound thought. Like inner peace, we also have a bird song within us. Every morning our eyes open to trilling birds, and we awaken to a call of calm. But where is this calm? As we watch the birds, we realise that the calm, the peace is within us and them. It is only with this awareness of what lives inside us, can we feel calm in chaos.
For this jewellery collection, we have tried to create heirloom pieces, which are immensely inspired by nature, especially birds, and the peace one experiences when in midst of these.
The framework of pieces was 3d rendered. The gold frames were then set with diamonds and then polished with French enamel and lacquer
Which are your favourite pieces from the collection?
The Lotus Hummingbird, Nightingale Lily and Gulmohar Dove are certainly my favourites as a lot of hard work, innovation and skill has gone into making these pieces.
Nornament's 3d bird jewellery

Gold & Diamond Cuff

What kind of look/attire does these pieces pair best with?
Interestingly, it all depends on how you style it. We would like to describe these pieces as modern, contemporary Indian wear, which pair well with western wear and traditional attire.
What is the essence of your brand?
At Nornament, the jewellery we create is a tangible vessel of personality, love, legacy and values passed from one generation to another. It is all about emotions and feelings. Nornament is a home of authentic, affordable luxury, a mix of traditional art with modern aesthetics. We believe that authenticity is the truest form of luxury and that has always been the essence of who we are.
Nornament's 3D bird jewellery

Orchid Koel Gold and Diamond Neckalce by Nornament

Who is your target audience?
Our target audience is the modern Indian woman, a working woman who makes her own choices and is not afraid to splurge on herself. She is modern, yet rooted.
What are the top 5 current jewellery trends?
  1. Stackable jewellery – It packs in more bling, is minimal and effortless when styled correctly.
  2. Refurbishing heritage jewellery – Many women are re-styling and repurposing their vintage jewellery to meet the modern-day aesthetic.
  3. Gender-fluid jewellery – I now see both men and women investing in jewellery and styling it in different ways.
  4. Personalised jewellery – Adding a personal touch to something precious is a big trend today. Adding your name’s initials or some symbol to the jewellery and making it exclusively yours is what i see rising in our jewellery world.
  5. Sustainable and minimalistic jewellery – People have become more aware and cautious of their choices. Instead of loud or chunky pieces, I see people wanting minimal and jewellery, which can be worn in multiple ways and gives good value for money.
Has the pandemic changed the way people consume jewellery in India?
The pandemic has certainly changed many things, but not our love for beautiful things. The jewellery business, in general, has come a long way. Earlier people bought jewellery for investment. Now, they buy it to reward themselves and celebrate personal achievements and milestones. Jewellery today has become an extension of one’s personality and we will always have room for what makes us happy.
Nornament's 3D bird jewellery

Pradhyuman Maloo, Creative Director and Spokesperson of Nornament

How did you and your mother, Sushma Maloo, enter the jewellery business and launch Nornament?
Nornament is my mother’s dream and her fierce and passionate desire. She was always willing to beat the odds. Almost two decades ago, when she started the brand, she was one of the first few women entrepreneurs in the male-dominated jewellery business.
Before launching this brand my mother was a housewife. She used to receive a monthly stipend from my father to run the house. Once, she got into an argument over 2,000 rupees with someone, and at that very moment she decided to start earning for herself. She started this business with Rs50,000.

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