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Karishma Swali, co-founder of JADE by Monica & Karishma, launches a new fashion label with her daughter Avantika

Avantika and Karishma Swali

Karishma Swali, co-founder of JADE by Monica & Karishma, launches a new fashion label with her daughter Avantika

Karishma Swali, the CEO and Creative Director of Chanakya International, a hand-embroidery export house, and the half of JADE by M&K has taken up yet another creative initiative towards building a sustainable, and organic brand in the world of luxury fashion. Along with her teenage daughter Avantika Swali, has launched a new fashion label ‘Moonray’ that creates timeless, cruelty-free, craft-conscious garments. The genesis of Moonray stands on the robust pillars of cruelty-free fashion with the conscious intent of being mindful. “It’s luxury because it’s cruelty-free,” says Karishma.

MoonRay collection

Their brand has a prêt-à-porter line of garments, handcrafted vegan leather shoes, bags, and a limited edition of 22-carat gold plated jewellery and daily essentials. For their first collection, they have worked with macramé, crochet, appliqué, needle lace and micro bleeding, and more. “ Together, we seek to be the catalyst of change to create a community with a collective conscience”, she expresses. With the unique collaboration with her teenage daughter to Moonray, they bring in the fresh new Genz outlook. Avantika’s creative illustrations represent love, hope, originality that brims throughout their collection. 

Label Moonray gets a seal of approval. With their conviction towards sustainable fashion by sourcing GOTS-certified organic cotton and viscose, indigo-dyed denim, crochet crafted from a recycled thread, and accessories created from leather made from cacti and plants. The Label’s desire for inclusivity inspires them to direct 50% of their profits towards funding children’s education and animal welfare through their NGO partnering organizations. This can be predominantly credited to Avantika as she has been an avid supporter of children’s welfare since a young age.

Moonray collection

At the stunning Launch of Moonray, Karishma Swali spoke to Ivorystaion about her passion for sustainability and cruelty-free fashion

What was the thought behind the inception of your label Moonray?

We were fostering a dog named ray, whom we lost during the pandemic. For us, the moon is a powerful but quiet energy. We wanted an energy that was feminine, quiet, and alluring. We also wanted to dedicate this to our dog Ray so that’s how Moonray came about.

What is the USP of your label?

I think our biggest trend is the idea of being able to innovate and integrate art, craft and innovation for something that is relevant to a non-ageist audience. which works for GenZ and for anyone who resonates with the purpose of the brand 

How do you define luxury?

The term luxury is such an evolving landscape. I think it’s outdated to think that luxury cannot be purposeful. The whole idea with Moonray is to build luxury with purpose. When you work with craft, craft revival, or working with fabrics that are pure and organic even though it’s every day, it’s luxury because it’s cruelty-free. We want to expand mindful living and evolve luxury to make it more purposeful. It’s not about getting more audience, it’s about spreading a message that means something to you and a community that relates to you. I think today more than ever fashion is ready for evolution. People want to make their purchases meaningful. They want to translate it into something that gives as well. This is our attempt at making luxury more meaningful, more every day.

What do you wish people knew more about sustainability or sustainable fashion?

There are two aspects of sustainability, I think the world is tuned into the ecological aspects of sustainability, which is preserving the planet and processes, but the cultural sustainability aspects, which is preserving our craft and our artisanal community, I would love to build more awareness about that.


MoonRay is a cruelty-free, and craft-conscious fashion label. Check out their collection here.

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