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International Coffee Day: Homegrown roasters, unique flavours and recipes every coffee lover must know

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International Coffee Day: Homegrown roasters, unique flavours and recipes every coffee lover must know

There is no better way to celebrate coffee, a beverage celebrated around the world than to give it its own day. International Coffee Day is the day of coffee celebrated annually on October 1, across the globe, After all, coffee is not just a beverage, it is an experience. And in India, there are so many brands striving to make coffee more flavoursome.
Read on to know all about homegrown java suppliers, fun gift hampers and easy-to-make caffeinated drinks at home.
Enjoy the taste of Indian estates with these homegrown coffee roasters
Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world and India is the third-largest coffee producer contributing 3.14% of global coffee production. Here are some homegrown brands to try out for your next refill:
Subko Coffee Roasters 
Subko Coffee, International Coffee Day

Image Courtesy – Subko Coffee Roasters

Experience Kerehaklu in Karnataka to Garo Hills in Meghalaya to Ampthill Downs in Tamil Nadu as Subko picks coffee from the choicest plantations in the country. Whether you take your coffee light, medium or dark, they have ample options for you to choose from. Each roast has a unique and interesting combination of tasting notes and their guided brewing methods bring out the best flavours of the bean. Subko Coffee Roasters bring you a bespoke coffee experience from around the Indian Subcontinent like none other.
Try these: Kerehaklu Estate medium-light roast with tasting notes of green apple chupa chups, caramel and Garo Hills medium-dark roast with tasting notes of blueberry pancake and whipped cream.
Visit their hyperlocal store in Mumbai or buy online here
Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters 
Blue Tokai, Coffee roasters, cold brew, latte art

Image Courtesy – Blue Tokai Instagram

Started in 2013 with a simple plan and love for coffee, this boutique Roastery is now at 20 locations in the country. Blue Tokai has something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a pro. These roasters have curated handmade mixes from all over the country for all preferences. Walk into their cafes and sample different kinds of coffees, watch their team freshly roast and brew coffees in a see-through unit, or simply enjoy a steaming cuppa while you work away nestled on their cozy furniture.
Try these: Monsoon Malabar AA grind from Coorg in a medium-dark roast. This big-bodied, smooth coffee gives just a hint of sweetness with a chocolatey taste while being earthy and nutty. Also try Silver Oak Cafe Blend. This signature blend is used for all of Blue Tokai’s in-house beverages and has a hazelnut, honey and grape flavour.
Buy here.
Rage Coffee
Cold brew, coffee, International Coffee Day

Image Courtesy – Rage Coffee Instagram

Bulk up on natural vitamins along with your caffeine with Rage Coffee. This New Delhi-based coffee brand is a one-of-its-kind gluten-free, vegan, natural and sustainable coffee company. This coffee is all the ‘rage’ among fitness enthusiasts as it packs a punch not just with natural caffeine, but with stimulating plant extracts like Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng and Bacopa Monneiri. Try cold brews, instant coffee or ground beans in a variety of flavours and roasts for a healthy start to the day.
Try these: Instant coffee in Sparky Orange, Mint Mocha, and Irish Hazelnut.
Buy here.
Sleepy Owl Coffee 
The new millennial brand in town Sleepy Owl is all anyone can talk about. In search of heavenly to-go coffee, founders Ajai Thandi, Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh quit their day jobs as bankers and lawyers and became full-time caffeine connoisseurs. Sleepy Owl specialises in cold brews sourced from coffee plantations in Karnataka. They also offer whole beans, instant mixes and hot brews. If you are starting out on your caffeine adventure, we recommend starting with Sleepy Owl. 
Try these: Try their flavours French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Dark Roast in cold brew or hot brew packs.
Buy here.,
Bili Hu 
 restaurants, cold brew

Image Courtesy – Bili Hu

This premium coffee producer is named after a flower, which is symbolic of a coffee plant in the Kannada language. Founder Bharat Singhal’s love-at-first-sip with coffee during his stint at the Coffee Board of India led to the establishment of Bili Hu. These coffee roasters offer speciality coffee from around Indian estates and bring you a limited collection of hand-picked grinds from single estate farms in Chikmaglur. If you have had luxurious coffees at hotels and restaurants, there is a strong chance you have tasted Bili Hu already.
Try these: The smooth and spicy Mysore Nugget extra bold in medium roast and nutty and chocolatey Aghora grind.
Taste the world’s finest with Starbucks’ roasts 
starbucks coffee

Image Courtesy – Starbucks India Instagram

Starbucks is most famous for its in-store beverages and seasonal cuppas. Get the taste of Kenya, Sumatra, Italy and Columbia in a variety of roasts and grinds no matter where you are.
Try these: Fair Trade Certified Italian dark roast whole beans with distinctively sweet tasting notes and a complex affair of caramel undercurrents, the versatile and full-bodied Kenya medium roast with a citrus-ey acidity.
Buy here.
Make a coffee-enthusiast happy this International Coffee Day with a hamper from The Gift Studio
Gift hamper

Daily Dose of Caffeine box from The Gift Studio

Not sure which roast or brew to gift your caffeine-lover friend or confused between so many options? The Gift Studio has your back with ready-made coffee hampers including multiple kinds of roasts, flavours, and even accoutrements. Your loved ones will surely go ‘java’ over this!
Try these: The Caffeine Addict gift hamper and the Daily Dose of Caffeine gift hamper
Buy here.
International Coffee Day Treat
Be your own barista and impress your friends with these amazing recipes from Abdul Sahid Khan, Head Trainer, Lavazza India
Mint and Vanilla Coldbrew
Mint cold brew

Image Courtesy – Lavazza India

150ml Coldbrew (medium or light roast)
2-4 Mint leafs
30ml Vanillla Syrup
6-8 Ice cubes

1. Place mint leaves at the bottom of a glass and muddle mint with a muddler.
2. Add Vanilla Syrup. You can also use 20gm of brown (raw) sugar and mix it well.
3. Add ice cubes into a glass and pour cold brew over it.
4. Stir well before serving.
Dolce Chocolate Latte
chocolate latte

Image Courtesy – Lavazza India

30ml Espresso (Moka Pot coffee)
60ml Milk
60ml cream
20gm White chocolate
10ml Vanilla Syrup (optional)
1. In a medium-size pan heat milk, cream, white chocolate and espresso until chocolate melts, stirring occasionally.
2. Add Vanilla Syrup and make it hot as per desired drinking temperature.
3. Pour into mugs and top with grated white chocolate.
For a vegan option, replace milk with almond milk and cream with soy cream. Use a South Indian filter if you do not have a Moka Pot brew.
Happy International Coffee Day!
By Tanushi Bhatnagar
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