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Gorgeous Aditi Rao Hydari talks about her prized possessions, favourite watch and a city she is yearning to visit

Aditi Rao Hydari

Gorgeous Aditi Rao Hydari talks about her prized possessions, favourite watch and a city she is yearning to visit

Bollywood and South Indian film industries’ heartthrob, the stunning Aditi Rao Hydari unveiled a collection of 18-carat gold watches for Nebula by Titan in Mumbai. At the exclusive event, the actress spoke to Ivorystation about her love for watches, her most prized possession and one city she is yearning to go to.

Why did you collaborate with Nebula? What do you like about watches?

I love watches and they are my go to accessories for every attire. Nebula by Titan is a brand that is synonymous with luxury, timelessness, and quality. I am delighted to launch Nebula’s collection of curated 18KT gold watches for this wedding season because the pieces are truly exquisite. 

What kind of watches do you like?

I usually wear big, chunky men’s watches which are far too big for my wrist but I also love Nebula’s watches because they look like a piece of jewellery and I love jewellery.

Which is your most prized possession?

The first watch that my father bought me, was an elegant and delicate watch for girls from Titan. So that holds a special place and apart from that, anything that is given to me by my grandparents is also precious.

If all international borders opened up, where would you like to go travel? Why?

I would go to London because it somehow feels like home, but at the same time you can wander on the streets and London in summer is the best place.

How did the lockdowns treat you?

2020 and 2021 were really difficult years for a lot of people and whenever I thought it was getting hard, I counted my blessings and sent up a prayer to be grateful for all that I have. Over the last two years, it has become clearer to me that priorities are so important and at the end of the day, it is important to know that you are loved and that you have a family and you have to be grateful for the family every single moment.

What fascinates you the most about the world of horology? 

I think there is nothing more beautiful than filling every moment in time with positivity and beauty and making the most of it. So, a watch to me signifies all of that. To me, time is the most luxurious thing. I have discovered this only after growing up, otherwise, when you are younger, you look at watches and you just want one for yourself. But once you grow up, you realize that watch is time and time is so precious. I also find the work and process of designing a watch truly fascinating. I love Nebula’s collections. On my way here, I was constantly looking at this watch from Nebula that I’m wearing. It’s such a beautiful piece with emeralds and gold and beautiful craftsmanship that’s inspired by India’s rich heritage. I love that it is a watch but it’s as precious and lovely as a piece of timeless jewellery with the grandeur of gold which is my favourite metal, so I love that.

Which are your favourite pieces from the collection and why?

All the pieces in this collection are classic and exquisite. There are three pieces that I find stunning. The one I am wearing has emeralds and diamonds, there is another with rubies and diamonds and a third with jade and rubies. I love that they are inspired by India’s heritage and culture, whether it is filigree, calligraphy, or the Deccan. It’s a very beautiful collection and I truly like it a lot. 

Lastly, what would be your go-to, easy styling tip?

I would say, be donning an effortlessly classic look can never go wrong!

Nebula by Titan

Nebula by Titan is a selection of 18-carat gold timepieces for men and women. Check out the new collection here.

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