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Six simple and effective ways to keep your homes cool this summer

Six simple and effective ways to keep your homes cool this summer

In this scorching summer, get some greens inside your home and see the temperatures go down. 

I recently renovated my house full and it took almost four months to give it makeover that I wanted to. Apart from focusing on interiors, I was also eager to boost my home with wellness by adding a dash of green to my decor. Here, I’m talking about house plants that have not only brought visual beauty to my home, but have also helped regulate humidity and fill my space with positivity.

To curate the best guide on how to create a green haven in your home, we got Preine Pereira, founder of Studio Palasa, a Bengaluru-based green decor brand, and Kapil V, founder of Bonasila, an online platform offering stylish planters, to decode some trends for summers that will help to keep the home cool.

Uplift your living room:


Plants as the main attraction of your living room

Planters and plants often take the corner seats in your room decor. This summer, ditch the obvious. Shilpan Vaishnani, co-founder of Bonasila says, “Keep planters as the elegant highlight of your living space. Not only will it beautify your space, but also make it cooler, calmer, and greener.”

Invest in bedroom planters: 

cool your homes summer

Bedroom plants by Studio Palasa

Placing plants in your bedroom is always a good idea. Waking up to see some lush green plants is a perfect way to kickstart your day. Add plants near your bedside corner or a window to see your space come to life. Some ideal plants for summers include ZZ, Snake and Bamboo. They will absorb most of the heat and create a cooling effect in the room.

 Entrance check: 


Big planters as the entrance attraction

When asked Kapil V, founder of Bonasila about trends related to indoor plants, he says. “Why think of planters only for indoors or the balconies? Go out and make your entrance homely too.” As the exteriors of our houses heat up more than the interiors why not reduce the heat then and there. With FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) planters adorning your plants, there’s no risk of damage to your planters from heat or from any other weather conditions. Choose a planter that suits the exterior decor, pair it up with a plant that grows high and tall; experience the difference yourself. The more is better.

Create a Zen space: 

cool your homes summer

Zen space corner idea by Studio Palasa

Add a combination of planters of different sizes in muted or pastel tones, says Preine Pereira, founder of Studio Palasa. She says, “Geometric lines are a good option that works in contrast to the soft and organic shapes of plants. Also, having plants like the bonsai, succulents, or ZZ plant, sprinkled with pebbles is a mood booster for anyone, especially during summers.”

Try container gardening: 

cool your homes summer

Container Gardening with Bonasila

Container gardening is a style of gardening, a trend that is picking up globally. Choose a size from Bonasila’s Rezelo collection. Pair two cubical planters with one rectangle planter and see the magic unfold. It is also recommended to choose plants that are easy to maintain and can bear the summer heat of India. That’s it, your balcony will become your go-to place when the sun is soft and it will be a bearable place when there is the scorching heat.

Add a water body:

summers cool

Water Body by Studio Palasa

The quickest way to keep cool is to add install a water body in your home. The trickling noise of the water can be an instantly relaxing during hot and tiring day. Water bodies in your home or balcony accompanied by a water plant or two are an easy way to create a calming space anywhere.

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