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Bibhu Mohapatra designed De Beers Forevermark Artemis diamond jewellery is for modern Indian women

Bibhu Mohapatra designed De Beers Forevermark Artemis diamond jewellery is for modern Indian women

In which one of global fashion’s best designers Bibhu Mohapatra pays homage to nature and womanhood becomes the De Beers Forevermark Artemis collection.

This second edition of the collection, which plays with the motif of a colour lily will be launched online at forevermark.com on May 20, 2022, to cater to a wider audience and the world of netizens.

Forevermark Artemis diamond jewellery

This is the world where Bibhu’s wearer resides, the modern Indian woman. “She is a professional walking down the Madisaon Avenue or a mother in Paris on her way to pick up her child,” says Mohapatra in a one-on-one interaction with Ivorystation.com, in Mumbai.

Bibhu Mahapatra

Bibhu, can you tell us more about this woman?
She appreciates beautifully designed and crafted pieces of jewellery that are versatile enough to wear for different occasions and can easily transition from day to evening wear. She is well-travelled, has a taste for good things and is smart in spending her resources on value products, which tell more stories. She is not a whimsical buyer, not just about expensive tags, but understands what luxury truly is.

Forevermark Artemis jewellery

How do you define luxury?
Luxury is giving importance to design, paying homage to craft, to the wonder that the human mind, hands and skill are to make such beautiful works. Luxury is a hand-made Ikat kurta or a tie-dyed cloth, and a rare, responsibly sourced, best quality diamond with an inscription of the history of how it was sourced by De Beers Forevermark.

What was the inspiration behind Artemis?
I bring nature and women into this one creation and represent them through colour lily, a beautiful flower, which is also a symbol of procreation that has a great shape and lines. Artemis also has a lot of architecture and movement and is pretty and feminine.

Forevermark Artemis diamond jewellery

How has jewellery evolved over the years?
Back in the day, we wore most of our jewellery on special occasions. Today, we want to wear it every day and feel special every day, hence the demand for jewellery that easily transitions from day to night has grown. Artemis collection has 18 pieces, which can be worn individually or together like stackable rings or bracelets.

Why is the collection being launched online?
To reach a wider audience, and become a part of many more people’s life. The aspiration of my collaboration with De Beers Forevermark is to make jewellery more accessible.

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