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Della DATA Glamping Resort in Lonavala is an activities-filled great weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune


Della DATA Glamping Resort in Lonavala is an activities-filled great weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune

No body does bathrooms as luxurious and opulent as architect and developer Jimmy Mistry. Apart from other things, I can go back to Lonavala’s Della Adventure Training Academy (D.A.T.A), a luxury glamping resort, several times over to spend some quality ‘me’ time in its lavish bath space.

All of the resort’s airconditioned bathrooms have a big jacuzzi with special light settings. There is also a remote control-operated rain shower that has different faucets and showers, right from the ones at your waist and back level, for you to enjoy water massage, and the different settings of the rain shower, which lets you either soak in gentle showers or drench in torrential rain. The choice is yours. To top it all, the shower set-up has an inbuilt music system, and, great bath products that feel good and smell divine. What more can you ask for!

Della DATA Glamping Resort

Some might think that its a little OTT (Over the top), but there is nothing that you can want more than a relaxing bath after military training and treks.

As the name suggests, D.A.T.A is a unique resorts that offers an array of fun and informative military training along with luxurious stays and amenities. It has a mini military training set-up, complete with rope training blocks, a rock-climbing wall, mud track and tyre obstacles. The training staff, most ex-military men, not just conduct what they call the mind and obstacle training sessions, but also host sessions in basic rope knots and survival training, in lieu of a bomb attack or natural disasters, and horse riding classes.

A video on D.A.T.A by Ivorystation.com

The highlight though is Hell’s Night. Guests are taken on a night trek in the surrounding hills, with well-groomed and trained dog buddies who accompanies the group on the trek, leads the way and alerts for dangers, if any. Your guide then will teach you how to send SOS signals, how to light a fire in the wild, how to determine directions and survive the forest. For many, many guests, especially young teens and children, this is one of the most memorable experiences at the resort. And what stuns them the most is one guides eat uncooked insects or crabs, to give the civilians a taste of tough and disciplined military life.

DELLA DATA Glamping Resort

Military training set-up at Della’s D.A.T.A

That is the larger focus of the resort. Guests are greeted with a military salute, and the décor of the resort has the military camouflage as one of its main colours,

Royal Enfield bikes, bunker-like structures, helmets, names and photos of military heroes are found in the dining room, the training room and the lounge. The quirkiest of the lot are gun-shaped lamp holders and door knobs that look like hand grenades.

Ivorystation suggests that you set aside a day or maybe two to participate in the activities, and dedicate a couple of other days to chill and soak in the beauty of this secluded resort that faces a serene lake and is surrounded by Sahyadri hills on the other three sides.

Your journey to the almost unexplored and beautiful destination starts at the DELLA resort’s reception. You leave your cars here and board heavy-duty SUVs or trucks to drive through the 45-minute, uphill mud road to D.A.T.A. Enroute, soak in the green vistas, acres of open land, lots of fresh air and a bumpy ride.

No sooner you are at the drop-off location, you will feel the adventurous drive was totally worth it because you are now face to face, a large, pristine lake and a scenic short trek route, which passes a rivulet.

Della DATA Glamping Resort

The luxurious rooms at Della D.A.T.A

Now that you have burnt a few calories, its time to reload. An Indian buffet spread awaits you at the restaurant.

But the breakfast spread is better. There are pancakes and waffles, cakes, idli, dosa, fruit, omlettes, milk shake, dry fruits, juices. Have your food by the pool or in the terrace area that gives you the panoramic view of the resort with its beautiful swimming pool, bar area, the training area, it’s cottages, horse stable, dog kennel and that of the hills and the lake.

To sum it up, D.A.T.A is a great place to visit with friends and family. Whether you are the adventurous sorts or prefer slow walks in the lawn and elaborate hookah and drinking session, this glamping resort has it all.

Della's D.A.T.A

The swimming pool at DELLA’s D.A.T.A Glamping Resort


Average price: Rs25,000 for two nights for two people, excluding taxes.
Meals included or excluded depending on the package you opt for
Extra for your chosen activities

Pro tips
Reach DELLA Resort by 11 am to reach D.A.T.A on time for lunch

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the 20-minute trek to reach the glamping resort.

Do not eat anything heavy before your drive.

Do keep some time aside to dip in the pool and enjoy a lavish bath.

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