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Camping meets glamour: 10 best glamping resorts in India

luxury camping, glamping, tree houses

Camping meets glamour: 10 best glamping resorts in India

Best luxury glamping resorts in India
Imagine this; a much-deserved break away from the hustle of city life, into the wilderness of a remote corner of the country. After a refreshing morning trek in a tranquil forest being welcomed back with a lavish breakfast made of organic ingredient by locals. Then an evoking visit to a nearby historical site and a tantalising full body massage after, you end your day stargazing and drifting off to sleep to the sounds of the forest.
After the suffocating lockdowns of the pandemic, all of us need a glamping getaway.
What is Glamping? 
Glamping is a fun, luxurious stay that combines camping and glamour. It harnesses the essence of camping and being one with nature in luxurious Swiss tents that have all the high-end. amenities. This boutique camping experience is often accompanied by adventure sports, wildlife safaris and wellness and spa services.
Here are some of the best luxury glamping resorts in India.
Jamtara Wilderness Camp, Madhya Pradesh
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Image Courtesy – Jamtara Wilderness Camp

This glamping location defines sustainable luxury like no other. Hidden away in the Jamtara village in rural Pench, the land of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Jamtara Wilderness Camp stretches across four acres of un-fenced wilderness. The property hosts 10 luxury tents decorated with local art and furnished with a luxe bed and a desk, air conditioners, a personal patio and en suite permanent washrooms. Reclaimed seasoned wood sourced from decks of ships, Supreme Court desks and government buildings and schools make up the lush wooden flooring and antique furniture. This sustainable property not only collaborates with nature but also with the native tribes. Most of the proceeds are given back to the farmers and no matter your choice of meals, the produce is either grown on-site or provided by the locals.
What to do here: If you are an adventurer, take a guided jungle safari and set out to spot some tigers or stargaze and sleep under the star-studded night sky on four-poster machans hoisted in the middle of a farm. For the laid-back ones, drinks by the bonfire, a cool plunge into the swimming pool or a relaxing date with a book in your tent followed by a hearty, healthy meal sounds like a dream.
Best time to visit: October to May
Grassroots Wayanad, Kerala
luxury camping, luxury hotels, glamping

Image Courtesy – Grassroots

Tucked away in the cozy rural district of Wayanad in God’s Own Country, Grassroots is an intimate glamping resort offering 5 Swiss luxury tents. Located in the middle of a coffee plantation, the property exudes minimalistic luxury as each tent is furnished with a queen-sized bed, luxurious drapes, a small television, an air conditioner, a refrigerator and a personal washroom. A freshly brewed cup of coffee straight from the plantation is best enjoyed on the personal patio attached to the tent.
What to do here: Tickle your tastebuds with an explosion of flavours and experience a contemporary Malabari cuisine derived from traditional ways. Indulge in a cooking class with the chefs themselves and recreate the age-old culinary secrets of the local tribes. Be one with nature and take a tour of the local spice, coffee and tea plantations. On an early morning, take a hike to one of Western Ghat’s highest points, the Chembra Peak, and take a detour towards the calming Meenmutty and Soochipara waterfalls. For the explorers, a day’s excursion in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and a range of adventure sports at the Karlad lake is an exciting option. Hence, it’s on our list of best luxury glamping resorts in India.
Best time to visit: October to May
Aman-i-Khas, Rajasthan
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Image Courtesy – Aman-i-Khas

This glamping property is sure to make you feel like a royal. A stone’s throw away from Ranthambore National Park by the luxury hospitality group Aman Resorts, Aman-i-Khas offers ten tastefully created Mughal-esque tents. The classic yet minimalistic luxury tents offer a plush bed, a daybed, twin writing desks, twin vanities, a dining area, and an en-suite bathroom. These luxury tents, of course, are equipped with air conditioning and WiFi connectivity, a simple yet essential commodity.
What to do here: This location is for nature and culture enthusiasts. Go on a wildlife safari in an open-top vehicle to spot Ranthambore’s native wildlife. Absorb Ranthambore’s rich heritage as you walk around the Kandahar Fort and take a ride with the royals on a Marwari horse safari. Immerse yourself in the local flavour and enjoy the services of seasoned barbers and henna artists who keep the art of traditional Indian grooming alive. Don’t forget to take a trip down the spa tent to treat yourself to Poornvandana massages and rebalance your mind and body with daily yoga and meditation sessions.
Best time to visit: October to May
Chamba Camp Thiksey, Ladakh
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Image Courtesy – Chamba Camp Thiksey

Set at the base of the Thiksey Monastery in Ladakh, the Chamba Camp is a luxurious mountainous retreat that is perfect for adventure enthusiasts. The glamping property has fourteen English tents, each featuring plush beds, lounge areas, writing tables, and private decks. Enjoy the magnificent view of Little Tibet from your private tent through huge windows and soak in the local scenery.
What to do here: You can choose a multitude of activities from volleyball to trekking to birdwatching. Go river rafting in the Indus or take an afternoon break a watch a game of Polo, the family sport of the royal family of Ladakh. Enjoy a picnic on the hills surrounded by a valley of flowers or have a delicacy at the on-site restaurant.
Best time to visit: March to September
The Machan, Maharashtra
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Image Courtesy – The Machan

If you need a serene and isolated getaway, The Machan is one of the best glamping resorts for you. Located less than 20 kilometres from the popular hill station Lonavla, near Mumbai, The Machan provides a unique glamping experience with individual tree houses perched up 30-45 feet high above the dense woods of the Western Ghats – a UNESCO Heritage Site. Nothing can be more exclusive and private than that! This eco-resort has six types of machans for you to choose from depending on your getaway itinerary. Experience a 360-degree wellness retreat at this self-sufficient environment-friendly glamping location and come back a new person.
What to do here: The Machan does not believe in televisions. Instead, they encourage visitors to explore the wildlife and nature of the Western Ghats through trekking, birding and stargazing. Try out their in-house board games, hammocks and bonfires to relax and spend time with loved ones. Visit the local historical sites including the famous Bhaja caves and the renowned Lohagarh Fort.
Best time to visit: The Machan provides a unique experience for each season in the hills all year long. Visit here in the summer, winter or in the monsoon.
RAAS Chhatrasagar, Rajasthan
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Image Courtesy – RAAS Chhatrasagar

Embodying the Rajput lifestyle, the RAAS hotels group brings you a seaside glamping experience at their Chhatrasagar location. This luxury getaway has 16 sea-facing tents in variable sizes surrounded by Chhatrasagar’s natural vistas that can be enjoyed on the private sun deck.
What to do here: Experience the diverse birdlife on a boat or hop onto the wildlife safari. Enjoy an excursion to the nearby villages and farms or have a sundowner picnic in the grasslands. There is plenty to do here. Try their in-house yoga sessions and their delectable inter-continental ‘wellness’ cuisine that aims to uphold the perfect diet plan as defined by the ancient Indian Vedas.
Best time to visit: RAAS Chhatrasagar is open all year long for visitors.
Sujan, The Serai, Jaisalmer
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Image Courtesy – Sujan, The Serai website

The Serai sits in the midst of Jaisalmer’s dunes reminiscing the times past when Rajput kings tented luxury camps on their royal campaigns. This 21-tent location is set on a 100-acre desert oasis and hosts fourteen tented suits and six luxury suites with private walled-in gardens, heated dip pools, and Jacuzzi jets. Their exclusive royal tent features a private spa, an outdoor pool, and dining and lounging tents all together in a walled enclosure.
What to do here: Visit the famous Jaisalmer fort in the morning, try your hand at local crafts classes in the afternoon, listen to the Manganiyars recite folk poetry while watching the desert sun go down behind the Aravalli hills, and indulge in the rich local and western delicacies at dinner.
Best time to visit: September to April
Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling
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Image Courtesy – Glenburn Tea Estate

Tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas in Darjeeling, the Glenburn Tea Estate is a glamping site located on a tea estate run by Husna-Tara Prakash. Handed over through generations by a Scottish Tea Company, the Prakashes now host this beautiful resort which features two private and fully-furnished four-bedroom bungalows. This one-of-its-kind hotel overlooks the magnificent Kanchenjunga mountain peak – the third-highest mountain in the world.
What to do here: If you are an adventure lover, go for adventure sports in the mountains. For a relaxed time, take a tour of the generational tea estate and enjoy their farm-fresh Indian, western and oriental cuisine.
Best time to visit: September to December
Tree House Resort, Jaipur 
luxury camping, glamping, tree houses

Image Courtesy – Tree House Jaipur Instagram

Take the road less traveled and head to Nature Farms, a 300-acre property in the Syari Valley which houses the luxurious Tree House Resort. Nestled between the Aravalli hills, this environment-conscious award-winning property claims to draw inspiration from the three natural elements – Air, Water and Earth. The location hosts three kinds of rooms but it is the stinted Tree Houses and over-water cottages that catch the most eyeballs.
What to do here: Take part in complimentary outdoor activities and sports like archery and cricket, go on a day excursion exploring the culture and heritage of Jaipur city or indulge in ancestral activities like riding a bullock cart and creating local crafts.
Best time to visit: Jaipur is best experienced in the winter months.
Della Adventure Training Academy, Lonavla
If you like to have fun while on a relaxing getaway, this glamping property is for you. This Della resort is India’s first military-themed glamping location in the heart of the woods of Lonavla. It features 27 500 sq. feet 5-star tented suites equipped with state-of-the-art decor, bathrooms and other amenities. The resort has dedicated different sections of the property to officers and platoons including the Gurkha Lounge named after the Gurkha infantry regiment.
What to do here: Wake up to the fresh mountain air of the Western Ghats, followed by a healthy inter-continental breakfast. In the evenings, give a try to D.A.T.A’s adventure sports with India’s first professional and permanent obstacle course that will give you a gist of military-style training.
Best time to visit: Visit D.A.T.A. any time of the year
By Tanushi Bhatnagar
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