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Big Boy Toyz, India’s finest pre-owned luxury cars company hosts an e-auction of vintage and classic cars in India

Big Boy Toyz - Cadillac v12

Big Boy Toyz, India’s finest pre-owned luxury cars company hosts an e-auction of vintage and classic cars in India

Big Boy Toyz has become the first automobile company in Delhi NCR to hold an E-auction of vintage cars in the country. BBT kick-started the e-auction with 20 vintage Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Cadillac, Austin, Humber, Packard, Mercedes, Dodge along with others in their inventory. The e-auction went live on December 18.

Jatin Ahuja, Big Boy Toyz

Jatin Ahuja, Founder of Big Boyz Toyz

Jatin Ahuja, Founder of Big Boyz Toyz, talks to Ivory Station about the E-auction and the opulent world of Vintage cars.

What is the idea behind an e-auction of vintage cars?

It’s a new, unexplored concept. The novelty of the market creates an abundance of potential for growth, and BBT wants to explore this market. We want to venture into new products and businesses as a brand.

Is India ready for an e-auction?

Absolutely, in the past two years, we have seen immense growth. Now that consumers are shifting mainly towards an online source of buying and selling or doing business, India is ready for an e-auction and it is the only way to go forward, to embrace technology, be the change and change the way the industry works. 

Big Boyz Toyz

Vintage car auction by Big Boy Toyz

What kind of clientele has shown interest in the auction? 

The people registering for this auction fall in the 30-50 age group category. These are car enthusiasts, car collectors, people from prominent business houses, prominent industries, media, technologies, and emerging companies. 

What are the three highlights of the auction and what is the price estimation for these?

The three highlights of the auction are Rolls Royce (reg year 1935 engine 7, V-12 Cadillac (reg year 2018 engine 6030 CC), and Volkswagen Beetle (reg year 1971 engine 1300). We are offering our clients an entire range of options, budgets, pricing, and conditions so they have varied choices at different price points. We want the younger customers, even those with a smaller budget to take an interest in vintage cars. And of course, the seasoned collectors who may want to procure something rare and difficult to find are more than welcome.

Cadillac v12

Auction Car Cadillac V12

Who are the sellers of these cars?

Sellers are people who have collected these cars for years and years, cherished, driven, and enjoyed them. Some of them are now looking to sell these cars for whatever reason.

How big is the vintage car market in the country?

Let start from a global perspective and then come to India. Globally, it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry. The big auction houses sell billions of dollars of inventory every year. India technically should be a smaller market, but we are still looking at somewhere close to between 75-100 core businesses and there is huge growth potential. 

Is it poised to grow in the near future?

As far as the future of vintage cars is concerned, we are confident that the market will grow exponentially. The reason we say so is that the vintage car market is quite akin to the art collection, and the art market in our country is robust. The same is for these cars. They were owned by Maharajas as early as 1930. The vintage car market is poised to follow the art market. It has significant investment potential, value retention, and has a design and aesthetic value that over time, even though people may not be car collectors, will still fetch them great value. 

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