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Best masala chai and green tea recipes from a brand that has been in the tea business since 1898

Best Masala Chai recipe

Best masala chai and green tea recipes from a brand that has been in the tea business since 1898

Monsoons are a perfect masala chai and green tea season. The cardamom, cinnamon, tulsi, ginger and tea make for a perfect concoction on a damp, windy, rainy day, While we all have our tea preferences, but are you getting the most flavours and aromas from your cup of chai? Read on to learn the best masala chai recipe and green tea recipe from Octavius Tea, a brand that has been in the Indian tea business since 1898.
Best masala chai recipe, Octavius Tea

Octavius Tea

Ekta Jain, Chief Marketing Officer of Octavius Tea, reveals the closely-guarded secret to brewing perfect masala chai and green tea. Jain also points out common mistakes we make while brewing tea, and gives us an insight into her company’s flourishing tea business.
What is the best way to brew masala chai and green tea?

Best masala chai recipe
Boil 2 cups (400ml) water and let it simmer
Crush exotic Indian spices such as cloves (2), cinnamon (1/2 inch), cardamom (2-3), peppercorns (4-5) with mortar and pestle
Add the crushed spices to the simmering water
Add in the hero ingredient – 1/2 inch ginger by directly grating it into the mix
Once the water turns brown, add black tea (1-2 tsp/2-4 grams)
When the brew becomes frothy, add milk(1/4th cup)
Strain and add sugar as per taste (Normally 1tsp per cup)
Best Green tea recipe
Boil water (200-250ml) along with crushed peppercorns (4-5).
Add grated ginger (1tsp), lemongrass (few strands) and tulsi leaves (3-4).
Allow it to boil for approximately 5 minutes.
Add in the cinnamon powder (1/2tsp) and let the water simmer for a minute.
Strain it well in a cup and add a green tea bag. Let it steep for 1-2 minutes.
Your healthy and flavourful green tea is ready
Squeeze some lemon or add honey as a sweetener

Best masala chai recipe, Octavius Tea

What common mistakes do we Indians make while brewing tea and why should these be avoided?
While we all love tea, we may not be aware of the properties and benefits of each tea leaf and how wonderful it is to get the most out of it by following the right method. Therefore, at Octavius Tea, we provide information regarding all our teas to help our consumers blend it right.
Below are the common mistakes one can easily avoid.
Boiling whole leaf black and green teas
Whole leaf teas are more delicate. They should be seeped in hot water just for a few minutes to extract the brew and not boiled.
Pouring extremely hot water
Try not to pour boiling water over green tea leaves. It might end up affecting the potent catechins that are important for your body. Allow the boiling water to rest for around 10 minutes and then pour. Steep the finest tea leaves for 1 to 2 minutes, depending on how you like it.
The inappropriate ratio of water and tea leaves
We recommend one tea bag/1tsp loose tea in 200 ml water.
Steeping Green tea for too long
This can result in a bitter taste. We recommend steeping one green tea bag/1 tsp loose green tea in 200ml water for not more than a minute.
Octavius Tea's tea estate in West Bengal

Octavius Tea’s tea estate in West Bengal

How many varieties of teas do you have at Octavius Tea?
We have over 150 varieties of tea, including Premium Orthodox (Whole Leaf) Teas, Exotic & Flavorful Blends, Caffeine Free Teas (Herbal Teas/Tisanes). Depending on your needs, you can choose from loose tea bags, regular tea bags or premium pyramid tea bags. Furthermore, we have an array of Instant Premix Teas available in different flavours.

Octavius Tea

Which are your most exotic teas?
Darjeeling White Tea: 50 grams for Rs900
Tea in its most natural, immaculate and raw state is the White Tea. It is delicate and has a sweet and mild flavour profile to it. With minimum processing, low oxidation and frequent air drying, it falls under the high-grade category. This prized variant of tea has the lowest caffeine levels.
Classic Earl Grey Black Tea: 100 grams for Rs.499
Classic Earl Grey black tea is a timeless, flavoured tea, which is quintessentially British. It is an exotic black Tea Blend of fragrant oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus fruit, and cornflower petals.
Oolong Tea (comes in a gift box): 50 grams for Rs1100
This one is a rare antioxidant-rich tea, made from partially oxidized tea leaves. The partial oxidation leads to fresh, golden liquour with a fruity and floral taste. It combines the qualities of black and green teas and contains high amounts of antioxidants and other nutrients. It has many health benefits and can be drank to also boost metabolism.
Best masala chai recipe, Ekta Jain, CMO, Octavius Tea

Ekta Jain, CMO, Octavius Tea

Lastly, how do you like your cup of tea?
The tea I drink is strong and spicy and without milk. I usually add crushed cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, peppercorns, and sometimes jaggery.

By Riddhi Doshi

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