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Berrika, Krysh Bajaj’s premium grocery delivery service for imported foods targets HNIs and their chefs

fruits by berrika

Berrika, Krysh Bajaj’s premium grocery delivery service for imported foods targets HNIs and their chefs

Be it luscious berries from the farm or fine, exotic coffee beans, trust Berrika to deliver you all things fine. An altered world with a high-end, nutritious, and fulfilling grocery sourced from the countries that produce them the best.

Krysh Bajaj, Co-founder and Director of Berrika talks to IvoryStation about spearheading a premium grocery chain, born during the lockdown

krysh bajaj

Krysh Bajaj 

Why did you launch Berrika?

Berrika is a lockdown project, launched in September 2020, which stems from the need of providing products from all across the globe to restaurants during the lockdown, which then took on the D2C model. The word “Berrika” is derived from the Swedish word Berika, which means ‘to enrich’.

What is your business model?

It procures fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meats, and cheeses from 600 to 700 farmers in 10 countries. Berrika operates a D2C model that allows individual customers, mainly high-income households in metros, to place orders on its app. The platform offers 1500+ SKUs. Its customers include high-end restaurants, boutique hotels, hospitality groups, home bakers, and private chefs of HNIs. 

What is the USP of Berrika?

We are the first movers in the premium online grocery category in India. Cultivating conscious consumers who indulge in novel farm finds, and are enriching them with the best food experiences from around the world.



Which are your top selling products? 

Around 75% of the carts are usually filled with berries (blueberry, blackberry, raspberries or imported strawberries), avocados, and our cold press juices due to their nutritional benefits and immunity-boosting benefits. During the summer season, Alphonso mango orders top the list as we provide the best, AAA size fruit. Overall, we consider these our staples and what we’ve built our brand on. Our prices are very competitive as well.

fruits by berrika

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience is premium buyers in the 25-60 age group. The older generation prefers to order via WhatsApp, so we have incorporated that alongside.

What have you enjoyed the most about starting Berrika?

One of the best parts about starting Berrika has to be the team we’ve built who are a family now, who have been there since the very first day, and have grown with the brand.  Another thing I enjoy the most is when a customer gets their hands on a product that they thought they could not get in our city and the feedback we get when they see it listed on our website.

What sets you apart from other similar brands?

I think the most important is the superior quality of our products and the customer service we provide. As a brand that supplies perishable products, we understand that the product can’t always be 100% fresh, so we also have a robust policy to handle and manage any issues there may be.

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently when you were first starting out?

Yes, definitely. We would have given more time to our tech team to develop a stronger platform that would help us in the long run. We would have also considered launching more SKUs at once on a no inventory model similar to what we’re doing now.

We might head into another lockdown, how have you prepared for that?

Our business model was crafted keeping the lockdown structure in mind. Our primary focus is the seamless inventory management of some of our fastest-moving products via installed software.

Lastly, how do you describe luxury?

For me, luxury revolves around comfort and an experience with the highest quality.

To place an order, log on to: https://berrika.com

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