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asa Beauty’s refillable, luxury makeup is a result of two women’s dream to make the world a better place

asa Beauty’s refillable, luxury makeup is a result of two women’s dream to make the world a better place

When Asha and Sukriti Jindal Khaitan, founders of asa beauty decided to enter the beauty market, they had one mission. To create a range of sustainable beauty products with top notch quality. Launched in January 2021, asa beauty had collaborated with couturier Rahul Mishra for his Paris Haute Couture Week collection in July.
asa has a range of lipsticks, luminsing powders, lip & cheek tints, mascara, foundation, concealers and correctors and has pioneered the concept of refillable makeup in India.
Having been involved with the Jindal Naturecure Institute, a renowned naturopathy hospital, and being a co-founder of Pure Nutrition, a natural health supplement brand, Asha Jindal Khaitan has always been a believer of conscious living and natural beauty. Co-founder Sukriti Jindal Khaitan worked as the Director of Jindal Naturecare Hospital and is a certified integrative nutrition health coach. Drawing from her upbringing in the East and her experiences as a student in the West, Sukriti has amalgamated the best of both worlds to create asa Beauty.


Sukriti and Asha Jindal Khaitan

Sukriti and Asha Jindal Khaitan

Founders of asa, Asha and Sukriti Jindal Khaitan talk to Ivory Station about the inception of asa, it’s philosophy, challenges faced as businesswomen, and the latest beauty trends in India.
How did the idea behind asa take shape? Tell us about the inception of the brand.
Owing to little or no regulation in the market, a lot of brands’ ingredients and processes can harm the consumer, as well as our planet. Natural, ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients, are the formulation of a ‘clean awakening’ for the global Indian woman – this is our dream for every consumer in India. We also truly believe that brands and people can make a positive impact on the world we live in. We wanted the Indian women to not have to choose between protecting the environment and luxurious beauty and thus, asa was born. We both come from a similar background where we learnt the importance of nature-made goodness, and we both have a very strong desire to create a positive impact on the environment. For us, asa is more than just a brand – it is a philosophy we live by, which is of “Clean Awakening”. It is all about making mindful, conscious choices, empowering the asa woman; creating a gratifying experience for the contemporary woman. With asa, we urge the global Indian woman to choose better with a brand that reflects their own commitment to wellness, sustainability and care for the community and environment.
How influential were your personal lifestyle choices in the cultivation of an ethical brand like asa?
Asha Jindal Khaitan: Our personal lifestyle choices were at the very crux of asa’s ethics. My upbringing at the Jindal Naturecure Institute nurtured in me a deep-rooted appreciation for fine aesthetics while also a profound understanding of the immense beliefs of a way of life that is rooted in sustainable practices and is close to nature. I wanted to bring the same values to asa, and with our ‘Clean Awakening’ Philosophy, we want to promote a sustainable lifestyle for everyone to follow. Sukriti Jindal Khaitan: In my early years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn the various elements of sustainable and holistic living – in my education and work endeavours from a global perspective. I learned about traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic remedies in India, western diets, and other forms of alternative therapies such as mind-body healing, craniosacral therapy, etc. This experience allowed me to view wellness from a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental angle. The amalgamation of my learnings from the East and West made me want to approach the Indian beauty landscape with a green and clean lens. As an integrative health coach, my journey of conscious consumption has been extended as an ethic in contributing to asa.
asa Radiant Ruby Lipstick

asa Radiant Ruby Lipstick

How is asa different from the plethora of ‘clean’ and ‘sustainable’ beauty brands that have
emerged in recent times?
asa is India’s first luxury clean beauty brand, and that truly makes us a one-of-a-kind brand in the Indian market. At asa we also follow the ‘Clean Awakening’ philosophy, which truly adapts the ethos of sustainability. We believe asa has the potential to become India’s first global clean beauty brand, creating a ‘Clean Awakening’ moment for those who seek the best in beauty while also being conscious and sustainable. We want to awaken women through clean beauty solutions, to look, feel and do good with natural, cruelty-free makeup. Our strong brand pillars and conversations around the ‘new normal of makeup’ are how we empower women by making their choice of beauty a truly gratifying experience. We wanted to ensure we followed the ideals of sustainability in all our processes. Our products are also proudly Indian, more than 92% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and free of toxic ingredients like silicone, palm oil and carmine. Also, exclusive to asa, our consumers can repurpose our beautiful aluminium
cases endlessly via the Refill Program and have the option to simply replenish the product encased. We wanted to build a world focused on less wastage and less consumption, and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. This makes our products not only good for you but also good for the environment, doing away with the excessive and unnecessary packaging that comes along with every purchase.
How do you go about creating new products? What is the process that goes into their making?
Our products are carefully and consciously crafted after a lot of research. We realised the amount of waste the beauty industry was creating and wanted to bring a change and revolutionise the market with products for the Indian consumers. We want to provide our consumers with an experience of luxury that also benefits their skin. While we curate our products with ingredients that are good for you, our no-list of ingredients ensures we also leave out the harmful ones. Revitalizing your skin, accentuating your inner glow and nourishing your skin is how our makeup heals and hydrates your skin while enriching you. Through asa, we have carefully crafted products where indulgence is not compromising on ethical and ecological standards, which is a very important pillar for us.
asa Refills

asa Refills

What were the challenges that you faced while setting up asa? How did you overcome them?
It was definitely a challenge to launch our brand in the midst of a pandemic, when consumer behaviour is constantly changing. We turned this into an opportunity to change the narrative of beauty, making it beauty with a purpose. Being conscious of one’s choices and their impact on society at large has taken the forefront in recent years. We passionately worked towards what we believe in, knowing it is helping our planet. For us sustainability and being mindful, purposeful is an important part of our lives and we focused on it knowing and hoping that there were like-minded women out there. We’re grateful for a team that believes in us and our values and reflects the same. This made all the difference.There has been a tremendous shift in consumer behaviour and trends during the pandemic, and we are paying close attention to how consumers are adapting and which trends are going to stick.
Tell us about your recent collaboration with Rahul Mishra.
Asha Jindal Khaitan: asa collaborated as a beauty partner with renowned Couture designer, Rahul Mishra, for his Couture Fall 2021/2022 collection- ‘The Shape of Air’ at Paris Haute Couture Week on 7th July 2021. Our brand truly resonates with Rahul Mishra’s commitment to creating a brand that is conscious of its impact on its ecosystem. asa’s ‘Clean Awakening’ philosophy circles back to the same ideology of creating mindful, purposeful solutions imbibed by fashion designer Rahul Mishra. The amalgamation of two different offerings, merging into one, collectively conscious for a cause they believe in, is beautiful! For Rahul Mishra’s Couture Fall collection, the Easy-Blend Concealers, Powder Foundation and the fan-favourite Lip and Cheek Tint from asa took the stage.
Sukriti Jindal Khaitan: We were thrilled to be joining hands with Haute couture designer Rahul Mishra, and walk the path of Conscious Consumerism together. Proudly Indian, asa prides itself in being India’s first luxury clean beauty brand founded on the three pillars of Purposeful Beauty, Purposeful Living, and Purposeful Luxury. Our core philosophy of Clean Awakening resonates with Rahul’s mission to create sustainable solutions that are not only carefully designed but also create a movement of conscious actions.
What are the new products in the works for asa?
The diverse range of asa is mirrored in a bouquet of rich, high performing authentic shades, especially suited for the Indian skin tone. The current range has a total of 46 SK U’s under our ‘clean’ luxury makeup – including products under the broad categories of Face, Lips, Eyes, Multi-purpose and Kits. asa has a wide range of products, from our award-winning asa Easy Blend Concealer, the multi-purpose best-selling asa Lip & Cheek Tint and the asa Luminising Powder to the vibrant asa Hydra-Matte Lipsticks. The latest additions to the roster are the asa Powder Blush and the asa Lip Balm. The Powder Blush is a lightweight and gorgeously pigmented powder that adds the perfect natural flush of buildable colour to your face. It comes in two shades; Gracious Ginger 03 and Dreamy Rose 09. The soothing asa Lip Balm comes in the shade, Opulent Orchid, and can keep your lips moisturized and protect dry, chapped lips without feeling sticky or gooey or causing irritation. The formulation of the ingredients is more than 92% natural, the packaging refillable with aluminium casings and the products – a gift of everlasting elegance.
What are your personal favourites from asa’s range?
Asha Jindal Khaitan: Being asked to choose a favourite product as the founders of the company is like being asked as a mother who your favourite child is! All of our products have been made to be multi-functional and therefore are perfect for every woman’s handbag. If I had to pick one product, I think I would pick the asa Lip &Cheek Tint. It is versatile and can be applied on the go. I prefer light makeup and hence, the tint adds just the right amount of colour to my face.
Sukriti Jindal Khaitan: I keep the asa Easy Blend Concealer and the asa Hydra-Matte Lipstick with me at all times! We ensured that the concealer was light, blendable and buildable so that women didn’t have to worry about refreshing their base throughout the day. The lipstick, although matte not only gives good coverage, but also luxurious nourishment. Now that’s a win-win situation!

How do you see sustainable beauty take shape in India over the next few years?
Sustainable beauty is only set to grow in India over the next few years! Indian women have been educating themselves on the benefits of early skincare, mindful habits and are set to bring about a change in their lifestyle. They are finally realising that purposeful beauty has ingredients that are not only good for their skin but also great for the environment. With the rise in the accessibility of information and the demand for brands’ transparency, this has now become very easy. Women started realising that given the option, they would opt for makeup infused with skincare (like Tea Tree Oil, Shea butter infused lip products, concealers and foundations with Argan Oil as it nourished their skin instead of stripping it throughout the day. The pandemic removed the need for elaborate makeup and brought out the need for conscious and minimal makeup with an even greater emphasis on skincare.
There is a huge shift where women now want to be conscious about not just the contents of their products, but also the overall ethos of the brand. They want the brands to be more mindful of their impact on the environment. Living a clean and mindful life that involves not only what goes inside your body but also out, is the future of skincare.
Why is the beauty industry, especially makeup booming?
The makeup and beauty industry is definitely going above and beyond. Brands are becoming more conscious and mindful of what their consumers need, they are listening to them, catering to what they are looking for. The consumers needs are at the helm of brand innovation today. There is a boom in terms of content, products developed, ingredients used and all brands have a solution-focused approach to beauty today. People are moving to the natural ingredients in makeup for their self-care / skincare rituals and this is how we innovate at asa as well. We at asa, listen, care and bring to life what the consumer is looking for – clean, luxury makeup.
asa Warm hazelnut concealer

asa Warm hazelnut concealer

What are the few things every skincare routine must include?
It is very important to have a good and personalised skincare routine because everybody has different skin types; it is not a one size fits all situation. That being said, we at asa have carefully crafted products for the Indian skin tones, specifically. It is extremely important for us at asa to highlight skincare-led makeup that is mindful, natural, clean and eco-friendly. Every routine must also include steps that ensure thorough cleansing, proper hydration, deep nourishment and ample SPF. It is also extremely important to take care of your skin throughout the day, not just in the morning or nighttime. That is why we have mindful skincare infused makeup at asa that both protects and heals your skin.
What are the 5 trending beauty trends?
1. Sustainable beauty. Indian consumers are more conscious today than ever about the ingredients used in their skincare products and makeup.
2. Skinimalism is another beauty trend in India right now. People want to reduce steps and products for a minimal beauty routine.
3. In the past few years K-Beauty has seen a huge growth in the Indian market. With the focus shifting from high coverage makeup to healthy skin, glass skin is a huge trend right now!
4. Products that can multitask are also popular.
5. Due to the rising interest in mindful consumption, natural, homegrown makeup and skincare has now become a luxury beauty trend.
How do you define new-age luxury?
The luxury industry is often tied in with terms like excessive consumerism, disposable income, and guilty pleasures. However, in recent years, the need for luxury brands to be aligned with the consumer’s values has become increasingly important. The younger affluent generations are indeed more conscious of the environmental and social impact of their purchase decisions and are more likely to buy from a brand that resonates with their own personal values. High-end brands that want to retain their status in the luxury market need to evolve to keep up with this growing trend towards ethical and mindful, sustainable luxury.
Repositioning asa to fit this definition of new-age luxury is how we are growing our brand. We awaken the asa women by understanding their needs, embracing change, building new-age luxury into our narrative constantly and ensuring we remain authentic, at every step of the clean awakening we offer to you.
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By Tanvi Gupta
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