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Amazing results with vegan, cruelty-free and minimum products are new skincare brand Aminu’s USP

AMINU Diwali Hamper

Amazing results with vegan, cruelty-free and minimum products are new skincare brand Aminu’s USP

Vegan and clean skincare are new buzzwords in the beauty industry. A fresh crop of homegrown brands focusing on sustainable beauty have come up in the last few years. AMINU is one of them. Founded by husband-wife duo Aman Mohunta and Prachi Bhandari in 2019, AMINU products are built on the philosophy of making great skin health easily achievable to everyone.
Keeping in line with their core values, all the products are 100 percent micro-plastic free and biodegradable. AMINU is built on the belief that everyone can have great skin with their highly effective products and simple regimens.
Ivory Station speaks to co-founder Mohutna about all things skincare and the vegan beauty market in India.
Aman Mohunta, Co-Founder of AMINU

Aman Mohunta, Co-Founder of AMINU

How did the idea behind AMINU take shape ?
AMINU is based on Prachi’s experience of working with a variety of skin issues over a better part of the last decade during which she realised a lack of a homegrown clean and high performing, vegan, cruelty free skincare products that can be compared with the best in the world. That’s the gap we want to fill.
Why the name AMINU?
Aminu means meticulously working in the fields of science, medicine and mathematics. For us the name brings infinite patience to develop intricate skincare products that are high performance, clean and at the same time ecstatic to use.
What is your brand philosophy?
Our philosophy is very simple – keep innovating to help our customers achieve and maintain healthy skin through high performing skincare products that are safe and fun to use without any collateral damage to our body or nature.
Furthermore, for us two things are very important:
1) To not use fillers and use ingredients that are either helping in making the skin healthy or are absolutely necessary for the stability of the product and
2) People should be able to achieve healthy skin with minimum products.
Our goal is to formulate products that can help normalise different fundamental functions or mechanisms within the skin so that our users can see a significant improvement in their skin health without the hassle of a 10 step regime or using 4 different serums every day. Each of our products have multiple actives that work in synergy to help you achieve and then maintain healthy skin.
Our focus is delivering healthy skin and not marketing ingredients.
Clean beauty brand Aminu

Nordic-Mud-Mask by AMINU

What challenges did you face while setting up your brand? 
Firstly, there is very little focus on innovation in skincare in India, be it ingredients or technology. We need to build an eco-system of true innovation in personal care in India. Currently, most people are just trying to ride on trends. Secondly, Make-in-India packaging options are also limited and I hope that changes soon. Thirdly, there is still a huge lack of awareness when it comes to skincare in India. Though the new-age skincare brands in India are changing that but we all have miles to go.
How do you conceptualise, formulate and test your products?
The human body is very complex and so is the skin and no problem occurs in isolation. Skin concerns are always an outcome of multiple things happening in the body.
As we grow older, our skin sags and develop fine lines, but age spots also start to appear. So your skincare needs to work on sagging, fine lines, age spots, and our regenerating serum works on all of that.
Once we know what are the different aspects we want a particular formula to work on our team then starts scouting ingredients and technologies from all over the world.
Three things have to be kept in mind while choosing the ingredients and technology – evidence of
1) high performance,
2) safety for skin and
3) no collateral damage on the nature.
After the formulas have been developed in the lab, they go through rigorous testing for dermatology safety, physical and chemical stability.
Skin Perfecting Serum by AMINU

Skin Perfecting Serum by AMINU

What products do you currently offer? 
In total, we 31 products right now. In face care we have cleanser, exfoliators, masks, serums, creams and oils and in body care we have cleansers, exfoliators, oils and lotions.
Based on the feedback from users and certain gaps in the skincare market that users have pointed, we are working on very innovative products.
What is the USP of your products? 
High Performance – Our clients are seeing visible difference in their skin health (radiance, glow, brightness lifting, reduction in breakouts being symptoms of healthy skin) in less than a month.
Holistic – Each of our products contain multiple synergistic actives that work on overall skin health.
Clean – We have a long list of ingredients that are an absolute no. All our products are certified by Made Safe Australia and we are a signatory to Zero Plastic Inside, a campaign to stop the use of micro-plastics spearheaded by Plastic Soup Foundation, Netherlands.
Safe – All our products are dermatologically tested as non-irritants
And all our products are vegan and free of animal testing.
Clean beauty brand Aminu

AMINU Diwali Hamper

How do you see the vegan skincare industry evolving in India?
I think there is a secular shift in consumer demand for clean, vegan, cruelty free and environmentally sustainable skincare products in India. Consumers are becoming more and more aware about different ingredients and their origins and this is going to become a norm rather than a niche.
What are a few things every skincare routine must include?
Must include: Cleansing, Exfoliation, Moisturising, SPF
Then based on your skin’s current mood, you will need specialised actives that work on current concerns or deficiencies within the skin.
What does new-age, millennial luxury mean to you?
Easy access to wonders of nature and science, ecstatic experiences and responsibility towards sustainability of the planet.
Check out Aminu’s products here
By Tanvi Gupta
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