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All Good Scents is channeling Indian heritage in its homegrown perfumes


All Good Scents is channeling Indian heritage in its homegrown perfumes

The history of perfumery is deeply intertwined with India’s rich culture. Various ancient texts mention perfume portions worn by royalty. Fine fragrances across the world utilise a number of ingredients traditionally used in India, including Jasmine oils, Sandalwood, and Rosewater.

However, even with a rich heritage in the world of fragrances, India has had a handful of homegrown perfumery brands with a global appeal. When we think of perfumes, we think of European countries like France or England, or cities like Dubai in the Arabian regions.

To make Indian perfumes known, Rajiv Sheth founded All Good Scents, a luxury Indian perfumery that takes its inspiration from all aspects of modern French perfumery, but serves its fragrances with a multicultural twist that channels India’s vibrant heritage.

Ivory Station spoke to Rajiv Sheth about his brand and the recent trends in perfume-making:


Rajiv Sheth All Good Scents


When was All Good Scents launched?

Just Scents Pvt Ltd, the company was established in 2013 and the brand All Good Scents was launched in the year 2014.

What is vegan and cruelty-free perfume?

Vegan and cruelty-free perfumes are those which do not have ingredients derived from animal or animal sources and are not tested on animals at any point during the product development process. Even the ingredients are claimed to be not tested on animals.

How many perfumes do you have currently, what are their notes and what are they inspired from?

We have a collection of 20 fragrances, 4 luxury soy-scented candles, and a variety of gift sets and seasonal combos within our range. We have a vast range of notes, ranging from Jasmine, Musk, Rose, and Vetiver as a tribute to iconic scents of India, as well as contemporary and modern notes like Cedarwood, Orange Blossom, Lily of The Valley, Mandarine, Bergamot, to name a few. 


All Good Scents Love and Joy perfume


What is your brand’s perfume-making philosophy?

All Good Scents is a homegrown brand rooted to India’s rich heritage in perfume, focusing on providing India with modern perfumes that could make a mark in the market while competing with international favourites. 

Picking the right perfume can be very tricky. Please give detailed tips on how to choose the right perfume?

Picking the right perfume is a very personal experience.

  1. The first step involves setting up a budget for yourself.
  2. While choosing the concentration of the perfume there is a misconception that Eau de Parfums are always great projectors and last longer than its other variants, however, the longevity and silage depend more upon the fragrance formula used. Such as lemon, orange, bergamot, lavender are transient and last for a shorter duration than musk, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and cedarwood.
  3. One should be aware of their personal preferences and choices while choosing a perfume. While experimenting with notes, pay close attention to the ones you like and then narrow down your search.
  4. Choose your perfume according to the event you are going to wear it for. Perfumes are often linked with memory and emotion. The smells can transport you back in time. One for the office will be different from a wedding or a dinner date. Hence, research and analyse yourself as well as the perfume thoroughly before picking one.

A few homegrown perfume brands have been launched recently. What sets you apart?

Our expertise and experience are in fine fragrances. We have intentionally created a brand that focuses on offering daily-wear fragrances or every day scents of international quality. As an affordable luxury brand, we strongly believe that perfumes should be worn every single day; fragrances should be a part of our daily ritual, much like skincare and grooming.

Apart from our wide range of perfumes, we aim to use our experience to teach. We are Cinquieme Sens’ only licensee in India, and our personal training, online training, and corporate/ group masterclass sessions are created to help more Indians discover the olfactory world. 

All Good Scents perfumes


Do you see a boom in homegrown perfumery?

Homegrown brands are able to provide consumers with a greater sense of originality. The consumer today is becoming more of an analyst, acutely aware and informed about what they are buying and its impact on the environment and other factors. This consumer researches the ingredients before making his final purchase. They tend to trust homegrown labels. Mostly for their effective pricing. The same quality 100ml bottle of an international label will cost a lot more than that of an Indian perfume brand.

Also, there is a sentimental value attached to a homegrown brand. Nowadays, in the beauty industry, there is a feeling of pride among consumers if the brand is made in India.

What are the top 5 trends in the world of scents currently?

Interestingly enough, the fragrance industry worldwide grew last year. Sitting at home (in the lockdown) no longer meant ‘sitting in your PJs. The trend of spritzing before a meeting quickly took over. Perfume enthusiasts are now exploring and taking the time out to learn a lot about perfumes they own or wish to buy, so along with the notes, they look for elements such as sustainability, inclusivity, and wellness.

Low waste packaging is a plus for many consumers. They want to understand how a fragrance brand uses its ingredients and packages its products.

Perfumes are for everyone. While this is a philosophy that I’ve always believed in as a Perfumer, today India has slowly begun to appreciate and understand the concept of gender-fluid fragrances. Fragrances should be selected on the basis of how it makes you feel: confident, adventurous, sexy, comfortable – in fact, you should have a fragrance dedicated to every mood of yours. The future of fragrances is definitely a gender – fluid. 

And lastly, communication. It is absolutely essential, now more than ever, to be a fragrance brand that communicates with its audience. Sharing, learning, listening, are all integral in setting the brand apart.

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